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Our Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Course Bookings
Full balance of course costs and fees on all bookings must be paid to us not later than 7 clear working days before the start of the course (this condition will only be removed if an alternative arrangement has been agreed).
A reservation form signed by the person responsible must accompany every postal booking.
Certificates will not be issued until all invoices have been paid and/or cheques cleared.
Cheques are to be made payable to ACT 2003 Training Ltd
For your convenience we also accept credit card payments by telephone 0845 644 66760845 644 6676
Due to the nature of these courses once you have made your booking the full cost of tutoring  and exam fees will be charged for cancellations.

We reserve the right in the event of illness, to move bookings to another course date subject to a re-booking fee of 30.00 per person and either.

Doctors Certificate


Letter from your hospital signed by a doctor

In the event of cancellation by ACT 2003 Training Ltd, candidates will have the option of transferring their bookings to another appropriate course date, or receive a full refund.

When all monies are repaid the Company's liabilities shall wholly cease.
Alterations and Amendments
All courses and services outlined by ACT 2003 Training Ltd, are made in good faith. However the company does reserve the right to alter the programmes, syllabuses, tutorials and course modules, as may from time to time be necessary.
Candidate Identification

As from 1st January 2005 all candidates sitting exams will be required to provide identification for the purposes of the examination, this requirement has been set by QCA the government body that monitors this type of examination, candidates are reminded that as a training centre we are required to see a copy of your identification before you are able to sit the exam. The identification that we can accept must contain your signature; we have enclosed a list of acceptable forms of id with your pack.

Candidates who are unable to provide suitable identification will not be permitted to sit the examination.

Should you have any concerns about this issue please contact us on 0845 644 66760845 644 6676 before your course date to discuss the matter with us.

No liability is assumed by ACT 2003 Training Ltd for injury, death or consequential injury or death, damage, accident, cancellation, delay, irregularity or inconvenience incurred to a person participating on a course. ACT 2003 Training Ltd declines all responsibility for loss or damage to property of any kind belonging to delegates during a course


Terms and Conditions of Consultancy Work


1.   Act 2003 Training Limited does not seek to offer legally qualified advice.

2.   Act 2003 Training Limited offers a service to assist clients to Act 2003 Training Limited complete the Government provided application forms as specified by the Licensing Act 2003.

3.   Application forms will be completed in accordance with information supplied by you and Act 2003 Training Limited bears no responsibility whatsoever for the refusal of an application or the return of an application form by a Local Authority where the information you supply is false or incorrect.

4.   Fees and disbursements and expenses quoted and paid to Act 2003 Training Limited are for the agreed submission of applications only. They do not cover re-submission of applications where the information supplied to Act 2003 Training Limited is false or incorrect or where an application is refused and you wish to appeal that decision.

5.   No instruction will be accepted until full payment of all fees and identified disbursements and expenses have been received. Payment is deemed to have been made when a debit or credit card payment has been authorised by the issuing bank or other relevant institution or, if made by cheque, has been cleared through Act 2003 Training Limited bank account.

6.   Act 2003 Training Limited will give general guidance as to the completion of application forms referred to in Clause 2 above and will be responsible for their submission to the appropriate Local Authority and other Statutory Bodies required by the Licensing Act 2003.

7.   Act 2003 Training Limited will provide a Certificate of Service for all such applications and documents required in the application process.

8.   Act 2003 Training Limited will arrange to advertise applications in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. The fee for this service will be collected accordance with Clause 4 above.

9.   You must supply originals of any documents requested. Act 2003 Training Limited will arrange, on your behalf, for suitably endorsed copies required by the Licensing Act 2003. The fee for this service will be collected in accordance with Clause 4 above.

10.  Act 2003 Training Limited will not undertake to endorse photographs in the manner prescribed by the Licensing Act 2003.

11.  Act 2003 Training  Limited accepts no responsibility for a late application(s) or the inability to process or submit an application(s) when, having requested them from you, you fail to supply authorisation, information or a document(s), within a defined time period specified by Act 2003 Training Limited.

12.  If an application for either a Personal Licence or a Premises Licence is refused in the case of a correctly submitted form Act 2003 Training  Limited will, at their sole discretion, either assist you to re-submit the application or will supply you with a list of specialist Licensing Solicitors. It is then your responsibility to select one of the names from this list and arrange with them to either re-submit your application or appeal the decision in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. A further fee may, at the discretion of Act 2003 Training Limited, be required for re-submission of an application. This will be collected in accordance with Clause 4 above.

13. Act 2003 Training Limited will assist with hearings before Licensing Authority (Sub) Committees. A separate fee is charged for this service and is not included in any fee charged for assisting with an application. Reimbursement of any disbursements and out of pocket expenses will also be will also be required. All fees and charges must be paid in full at the time of instruction and are in no dependant upon the outcome of the hearing.

14.  Act 2003 Training Limited does not undertake appeals to Magistrates Courts. It will, however, supply the applicant with a list of specialist Licensing Solicitors and may, at its sole discretion, assist with any preparation required and, where requested, attend the appeal. An additional fee and reasonable out of pocket expenses will be charged for this service. All fees and charges must be paid in full at the time of instruction and are in no dependant upon the outcome of the hearing.

15.  In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 you are advised that we do not store any personal information about you, except where you choose to give us your personal details voluntarily when enquiring about, registering or ordering any of our services. In these cases, the personal information you give us is used exclusively by us for providing you with current and future information about services. We will not pass any of your personal data to outside organisations and/or individuals except with your express consent.

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